Coding++ – Coding beyond screens

Code the future with ML and AI!

Unlock future-ready learning with fundamentals of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Ideal for students between 13-15 years with prior exposure to programming basics and app development. 

Learning Outcomes

Train Machine Learning Models

Develop Mobile Apps with Machine Learning
Prototype real-world AI Solutions
Deploy AI/ML Apps in the community


Use in-built trained ML models along with the ability to train and import custom models.

Incorporate WebCam feed in your App for real-time image classification.

Develop and publish AI/ML WebApps on your Coder Profile. 

Projects By Students

The Masked Man

Currency detection for The visually disabled

Food classifier

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Bring stories to life
using code

Make Maths fun
with coding

Develop Mobile Apps
with real-world solutions

Build Gadgets and
design smart systems

Code the future with
ML and AI!

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