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Music Element

Make an interactive art project that plays a tune or a drum roll to welcome people or add sound effects to a drama performance or play a prank by adding a scary roar to a favorite stuffed toy. Be a composer and create musical compositions using Plezmo Music.

The Plezmo Music Element plays audio or sounds. Select music or sounds from a library or record sounds and music using the Plezmo App. With this Element, create or compose music by selecting notes from over 30 instruments.

Built-in sound library for alarms, animal sounds etc.
Record and play our own custom sounds
Play 30 different instrument sounds in two octaves

What's Inside

Size: 40mm x 40mm x 10mm

Battery Life: approximately 4hrs

Key hardware components:

  • Smart power module to regulate the power to the element and manage charging of the battery
  • Intelligent BLE-module for communication with Apps
  • Tricolor (RGB) LEDs for status indications
  • Accelerometer to support basic features like double-tap to wake-up
  • Long-lasting 250mAH Li-Polymer battery
  • Powerful 1W magnetic speaker with a Class-D audio amplifier and a CODEC for playing audio files and MIDI

Play Music Until some action is done

# Play audio sound e.g cat sound, in a loop or once

Music.playAudioAndContinue(Music’, Audio.CAT, AudioLoop.ONCE)

Play note on music for --- beats

# Play a built-in musical note on the Music element

Music.playNote(‘Music’, Note(60), 1)

Set instrument

# Select the instrument sound mode e.g. PIANO

Music.setInstrument(‘Music’, Instrument.PIANO)

Set volume low / high

# Set the volume of the sound played on the Music element.

Music.setVolume(‘Music’, Volume.LOW)

Here are some videos you can watch

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