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Motor Element

Use the motors to add circular movement, to create a pulley system, to build gears or to create a conveyor belt.

To add movement in experiments, use the two motors in the Plezmo kit. Program the motors to decide the direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and speed (fast or slow). Also, program the motors to rotate by a pre-decided amount of rotation.

Control rotation speed
Controlled precision of rotation Quarter / Half / Full
Control direction clockwise / anti clockwise

What's Inside

Size: 40mm X 40mm X 60mm

Battery Life: approximately 4hrs

Key hardware components:

  • Smart power module to regulate the power to the element and manage charging of the battery
  • Intelligent BLE-module for communication with Apps
  • Tricolor (RGB) LEDs for status indications
  • Accelerometer to support basic features like double-tap to wake-up
  • ┬áLong-lasting 650mAH Li-Polymer battery
  • A powerful DC motor with following features: Motor type: Geared Brushed DC motor Speed: 0 to 220 RPM +/- 10% Stall Torque: 1500
  • Feedback mechanism for precise position and speed SOP8 package, from ROHM Semiconductor is used.

Start / Stop Motor

# Start Motor with additional control settings for speed and direction

Motor.start(‘Motor’, MotorSpeed.SLOW, MotorDirection.CLOCKWISE)

Change Speed (RPM)

# Start Motor with settings for speed control in RPM as well as direction

Motor.startWithRPM(‘Motor’, 25, MotorDirection.CLOCKWISE)

Quarter rotation

# Start the motor with additional control over rotation coverage and direction

Motor.rotate(‘Motor’, MotorRotation.QUARTER, MotorDirection.CLOCKWISE)

Here are some videos you can watch

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