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Light Element

With this Element, build a traffic signal for toy cars or add a warning light for a burglar alarm. Create a night lamp or add a motion-activated spotlight for artwork.

Use the Plezmo Light Element to light-up creations. Choose to adjust the brightness or even change the colors. Program the Element to add effects such as fade in and fade out.

Turn light ON/OFF
Change the color of light
Control brightness

What's Inside

Size: 40mm x 40mm x 10mm

Battery Life: approximately 4hrs

Key hardware components:

  • Smart power module to regulate the power to the element and manage charging of the battery
  • Intelligent BLE-module for communication with Apps
  • Tricolor (RGB) LEDs for status indications
  • Accelerometer to support basic features like double-tap to wake-up
  • Long-lasting 250mAH Li-Polymer battery
  • An ultrabright Tricolor (RGB) LED

Turn Light ON with 100% bright in color

# Turn on the light in particular color and control brightness percentage

Light.turnOn(‘Light’, LightColor(‘#FF0000’), Percentage(100))

Fadeout light at slow speed

# Fade out the light controlling the fade out speed

Light.fadeOut(‘Light’, LightFadeSpeed.SLOW)

Fade in light to 100% bright in --- color at slow speed

# Turn on light in particular color with controlled brughtness and fade in speed.

Light.fadeIn(‘Light’, Percentage(100), LightColor(‘#FF0000’), LightFadeSpeed.SLOW)

Get brightness of light

# Get the brightness value (in percentage) of the light

my_var = Light.getBrightness(‘Light’)

Here are some videos you can watch

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