Coding++ – Coding beyond screens


Start your coding journey for FREE with any of our Apps. Log in your account and start learning through engaging video lessons. Earn Badges, Certificates and show off your skills with your very own Coding Profile page

Code and create stories with interesting characters, animations, motion and voice. Learn about sequences and events, loops and conditionals. Share your Story Apps with the world!
Draw simple and complex shapes with code. Apply mathematical concepts like Angles, Dimensions, and coding concepts like Patterns, Loops, Variables.

Design, Develop & Publish Mobile Apps to solve real-world problems. Learn UI/UX fundamentals and coding constructs using visual and python programming.

Sensors and Actuators make up the “Smart” in Smart Systems. Now Build your own Gadgets, Wearables, Home Automation Systems. Code and create with  Plezmo’s wireless sensors and actuators or explore with the Plezmo Simulator. Integrate hardware in your Mobile Apps and Dashboards.  Turn your home into your Tech Lab.

Supported Platforms

– Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) onwards
– MacOS High Sierra onwards
– Android Tablets 6.0 (Marshmallow) onwards
– iOS 10 onwards (iPad only)
– Windows 7 SP1 onwards (Educator’s version only)

Plezmo Apps Ecosystem

Together, Plezmo Apps offer the perfect learning progression for students with age-appropriate environments.  Story Coder and Math Coder use intuitive block based programming. App Coder and Sensor Coder use a combination of visual programming and Python interface. All student projects are published as Apps. All Plezmo Apps have integrated video courses to help students learn and practice.  Students’ progress is published on their Coder Profile with Badges, Certificates, Apps and Achievements (like LinkedIn/GitHub for students).

Visual Programming

Plezmo® App makes coding simple.

With the Plezmo App, code using an easy-to-use visual programming interface. It helps children to start programming even with little or no prior knowledge. Using these, makers of all ages can unleash their creativity by trying out experiments, developing games, and even creating their own Apps.

Python editor

Program Plezmo® in Python.

Convert the visual block based program into a Python program. Edit Python code on desktops. Get help in coding with auto suggestions, signature description, error prompts. No need to worry, in case you make a mistake in Python, you can always go back to visual block based interface.

Learn using Engaging Video Lessons

Plezmo offers progressive curriculums ready to be rolled out in classrooms/labs. They offer lessons that teach computational thinking and coding skills through experiential learning. Activity based approach to learning concepts keeps students engaged. Lessons explain the logic behind possible solutions and invites students to implement it in their own way.

  1. Get a graded and progressive curriculum.
  2. Create your own solutions to problems presented in lessons.
  3. Learn computer science concepts through creative physical computing.
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