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Coding++TM Courses for Kids

Ages 8-14 | Online Live Tutoring

Coding +
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics
  • Home Automation
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Product Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • App Development
  • Game Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science

Plezmo prepares your child for jobs of the future by teaching 21st Century Technology skills like Coding, Computational Thinking, Design Thinking and Problem Solving!

Coding Is The Language Of the Future!

Plezmo + Your Child =

  • 85% of Future Jobs will be Newly Invented!
  • Technologies like AI, IoT, ML, AR/VR are transforming traditional jobs!
  • National Education Policy has made Coding a mandatory subject for Schools!

Coding Is The Language Of the Future!

Watch how Coding will help your child build a career in

Tanish and Sachin have automated parking for Smart Buildings!

Architecture worldwide is breaking new grounds with technology integration. Every home is now a personalized smart living space for the owner. Offices are designed to communicate with users via sensors and automation. Augmented and Virtual Reality is converting your library, museum and monument visit into a smart and connected experience. Knowing how to integrate Technology and Architecture is certainly a must for the future. Watch how Tanish and Sachin have taken a small step with technology to build a ‘smart parking system.’

Ketaki has gamified a Geography Lesson with Sensors!

EdTech is rapidly progressing and transforming Education with Technology. Simulations, Data Visualization, Augmented / Virtual Reality and Gamification is improving engagement and learning outcomes across all ages. The ability to create educational value beyond simple blackboard lectures will be a must-have ability for all Education professionals in the future. Watch how Ketaki has taken a small step using technology to improve your Geography

Parth and Aryan designed Vertical parking for Smart City!

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing industries with automation, technology and AI/ML. Cities are becoming “Smart” and so are cars, appliances and pretty much everything. A good understanding of Computational Thinking and Coding in addition to the other fundamental engineering skills is essential for a future career in this field. Watch how Parth and Aaryan have designed a vertical parking system to de-congested limited public parking options.

Jay, Rohan & Adi made a Smart Checkout Basket for Shops!

From Cryptocurrencies to AI/ML driven trading algorithms – every decision in the world of finance is technology driven! Economies are becoming cashless and data is the new “oil.” Knowing how to manipulate, automate and visualize data will be a key skill for becoming a Finance expert in the future. Watch how Jay, Rohan, Aditya have built a ‘smart basket’ to reduce your wait at supermarket checkout counters.

Swarali & Janhavi made museums interactive with Sensors!

Every new product that gets designed today includes an element of technology and app connectivity. Emphasis to combine design with technology to create new experiences using Augmented and Virtual Reality is rising. As more apps get designed, it’s important for designers to think beyond UI design. Successful future designers will have the additional perspective of technology. Watch how Swarali and Janhavi have taken a small step using technology to personalize an art museum visit and make it more meaningful

Ambi built a Event Registration System!

Information Technology continues to grow as most of the new jobs created globally are in this domain. Having a solid foundation in Computer Science, Coding and Computational thinking at an early age will give you that winning edge in this competitive field. Understanding the popular new trends in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things will provide the added advantage for future careers in IT. Watch how Ambi has taken a small step to streamline registrations for a public event.

Ajinkya developed a Fitness Tracker!

Use of robotics for conducting surgeries is already becoming common. All new medical research relies heavily on analyzing data using AI/ML to find new insights. Remote consulting via cloud and video conferencing is opening new doors and every field of Healthcare will require technology skills in the future. Watch how Ajinkya has taken a small step using technology to get you healthy with his fitness tracker

Learning Experience

Get your child interested in Coding with engaging video lessons and various Coding Apps for FREE. Develop industry ready skills by upgrading to our Premium Coding++TM Courses.

Watch How Our Unique Physical + Digital Coding++TM Learning Experience Works

Learn Physical Computing

Plezmo Elements are High Tech Wireless Sensors that add a new dimension to children’s learning by allowing them to code in the Real World. Important skills like Physical Computing and Product design are taught using them. Various Coding++ courses include the necessary elements for different levels and are shipped to your doorstep!

Plezmo's Free Coding Apps

Start your coding journey for FREE with any of our Apps. Log in your account and start learning through engaging video lessons. Earn Badges, Certificates and show off your skills with your very own Coding Profile page

Bring stories to life
using code
Make Maths fun
with coding
Develop Mobile Apps
with real-world solutions
Build Gadgets and
design smart systems
Code the future with
ML and AI!

Coding++TM - Coding Beyond Screens

There’s Code behind everything around us. Smart Watches, Home Automation, Smart Cities, Driverless Cars, everything runs on code. Plezmo’s Coding++ courses take the Coding skills beyond just the screens and into the Real World! Learning follows a progressive curriculum where children start with visual programming, Logic and coding wireless sensors. They gradually progress to App and Game development. Then they move to  career ready skills like Python, Javascript, IoT, AI, Data Sciences, Product Design, Robotics, Real World Systems and more.

Plezmo courses include all necessary apps, hardware and content necessary for the best learning experience!

Live classes + Video Lessons for Extra Practice

1:4 Teacher to Student Ratio for Collaborative Learning

Progress Reports to Parents Every 2 Weeks

Personal Website for Each Student to Showcase Achievements

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Educators with Technical Backgrounds

All our educators are hand-picked and motivated with a Masters or Engineering degree in Computer Science or Electronics. Our Course curriculums are designed by Educators with rich Computer Science education backgrounds. based on research driven and proven philosophies of constructionism. 

Meet our Curriculum Designers

Nishigandha Palshikar

Head of Education

A software engineer turned Educator with expertise in Technology Education for Children and experience of teaching both school and college students. She has been the founder and educator at PrograMitra for 5 years.

Dr. Dan Garcia

Teaching Professor at
UC Berkeley (USA)

Selected as an ACM Distinguished Educator in 2012 and ACM Distinguished Speaker in 2019, he has won all four of the department's computer science teaching awards, and holds the record for the highest teaching effectiveness ratings.

Dr. Alark Joshi

Asso. Professor at University of
San Francisco (USA)

With expertise in Visualization and Graphics, he works on data visualization projects for improved neurosurgical planning and treatment. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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Student Projects

Innovations by students

Take a look at some of the most innovative projects created by children after completing various Plezmo Coding++TM courses!

Green Corridor

Ameya, Piyush and Tanmay have created a smart app to reach patients to the hospital much faster. As the ambulance comes near traffic signals enroute to the hospital, using Plezmo light and distance sensors, the app will reset the traffic light to green.

Games of Pairs

Sia, Kaushik and Avanti have designed a cool game to test and improve your memory. Using Plezmo sensors you have to match the right cards. Tread with caution as you have only 3 chances to test your memory skills and win.


Smart Factory

Vihaan and Hrushikesh are working towards automating the factory assembly line. Using Plezmo sensors and actuators, loading and unloading becomes a breeze, super efficient and time saving.

Smart Dustbin

Daksh and Risa have designed a smart way to indicate when your dustbin is full and avoid overflow. Using Plezmo sensors and actuators this bin will make your garbage management clean and efficient.

Smart Road Crossing

Three ‘A’s – Ayush, Aarush, and Advay have built an app to make pedestrian crossing safer. Using Plezmo sensors a pedestrian will know when it is safe to cross busy roads and intersections – a smart system for a smart city.

Page Turner

Anish and Aditya just made your physical book reading experience much more convenient and fun. Using Plezmo sensors and actuators double tap and turn pages – also keep a count of the page number.


Aahan and Avanish have created a great way to enjoy cricket indoors. Using plezmo sensors and actuators their game comes alive in a limited amount of space. No more match cancellations for a wet pitch with this version of cricket.

Vending Machine

Malhar, Shrey and Aditya have built a great way to measure out portion sizes. So the next time you want to grab a bowl of cheetos or chips, use their vending machine that is programmed with plezmo color sensors and actuators.

Indoor Golf Course

Raell, Ruhika and Hamsika – have built an indoor golf course for you. Say bye to weather conditions and enjoy a game of table golf where your score gets automatically updated after every successful putt.

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