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What is Plezmo?

Plezmo is a platform of intelligent wireless devices and easy-to-use coding apps to learn, play and innovate with technology.

Plezmo empowers kids to bring their innovative and personally meaningful ideas to life. While they focus on realizing their ideas, they are developing logical thinking and coding skills.

Plezmo Apps

Plezmo Apps allow you to program Plezmo elements wirelessly. You can code any interaction between the elements.

Using an easy-to-use drag and drop Visual Programming interface, simple and complex logic can be programmed.

Built-in simulator allows you to try your programs on screen before using physical elements.

Possibilities don’t just end here. Create projects that use Plezmo elements, LEGO® Mindstorms®, LEGO® Wedo®, Sphero® and more all in one program!

Plezmo Elements

  • Wireless – Allows creations to span across large spaces and walls.
  • IntelligentEvery element provides unique capabilities and can communicate with the other elements.
  • Secure – No internet connection required.
  • Small and LightweightAttach them to anything, from craft models to skateboards, robots to dollhouses, and anything in between!
  • Rechargeable – Hours of constant usage and easy to recharge.

What can you do with Plezmo?

Create projects in arts, science, music, robotics or even build your very own game! Need a little inspiration to get your imagination going? Check out some of our ideas below!

  • Use Plezmo’s Proximity and Bulb elements to surprise friends and family with a Christmas tree that lights up when someone walks by!
  • With a little help from Plezmo’s Speaker, Motor and Gesture elements, you can keep your dollhouse safe from intruders (or pesky siblings) with burglar alarms and automatic opening doors.
  • Utilize Plezmo’s Display and Movement Elements to develop your very own smart wearables, from a fitness tracker to a smartwatch!
  • Implement Plezmo’s Light Sensor and Speaker elements to create your very own sunrise and sunset alarm!

Say Hello to the Plezmo Elements!


Play sounds, musical notes and more.


Show photos, emojis and text.


Control things with a simple push.


Illuminate with any color!

Color Sensor

Recognize colors.

Proximity Sensor

Sense when something moves closer or further away.

Gesture Sensor

Swipe your hand over it to initiate different actions.

Movement Sensor

Sense tilts, movements, flips and rotations.

Speed Motor

Create moving projects.

Control Motor

Get precise control to create cars, robots, pulley systems and more.

Light Sensor

Sense brightness and darkness.


Control volume, brightness and motor speed with accuracy.

Distance Sensor

Measure size and distance of things around you.

Lego® Technic Adapter

Enhance your Lego® Technic models with Plezmo elements.

Lego® Brick Adapter

Enhance your Lego® brick models with Plezmo elements.

Double Sided Tape Adapter

Stick Plezmo elements to walls, toys and other surfaces.

Wrist Band

Wear Plezmo elements on your wrists.

Charging Clip

Recharge the elements with ease.

Meet the team behind Plezmo!

Amol Palshikar
Amol PalshikarCo-founder
Girish Mujumdar
Girish MujumdarCo-founder
Amruta Zende
Amruta ZendeSoftware Engineer
Siddarth Gore
Siddarth GoreHardware Engineer
Nikunj Vaidya
Nikunj VaidyaFirmware Engineer
Madhura Palshikar
Madhura PalshikarSoftware Engineer
Amit Walambe
Amit WalambeFirmware Engineer
Mukta Divekar
Mukta DivekarSoftware Engineer
Sourabh Barve
Sourabh BarveHardware Engineer